The book never mentions an exact year or place that this story takes place, however judging from the technology mentioned, Conor’s use of the word, “mum,” and his frustration that his father lives in America, we can assume the story is a modern day tale that takes place somewhere in England. It seems like Conor is not happy wherever he is, especially at his grandmother’s house, where he is forced to stay while his mother is in the hospital. He hates the room she gives him. In fact he only refers to it as the guest room, refusing to call it his room. “It didn’t look like anybody’s room, certainly not a boy’s…He didn’t even like being in it, not even to get away from his grandma.” (A Monster Calls- Grandma’s House) Being in a boring, white-walled room certainly does not help Conor cope with his predicament. It is also important to note that Conor’s surroundings are normal for a child, which is why Conor constantly hates his surroundings. He is going through a tragedy while everyone around him is living a normal life.  Conor feels like his atmosphere is normal, and life goes on for everyone around him yet he feels terrible. Even though he is going through heart breaking things, his setting is one where children play and learn in class while he is left alone with his thoughts. I believe the author created these settings for Conor on purpose to show just how alone Conor feels.


-A quote from A Monster Calls.