Conor– Conor is, reacting the way any child would to losing a parent. He is angry, confused, and even in denial. He has a lot of rage built up in him that he does not know how to express in a healthy way. He is even punishing himself for wanting his own suffering to end. He wants his mother to die, not because he does not love her but because he knows she is going to anyways and wants to get it over with. He is just an innocent child who is scared and hurt. By the end of the story, he has emotionally adapted to his situation and is able to cope with his lose.


Conor O’Malley

The Monster– The monster is much like the characters in his stories. He is not completely good. He was the manifestation of the aggression Conor had inside. He reminds me of the monster from the movie, The Babadook. Both monsters are there to force someone to face the worst parts of themselves. They both cause the main character to become violent in ways they did not mean to. However, unlike the Babadook, the monster in this story is not completely bad either. He is honestly kind to Conor after Conor admits his truth. He explains that he has come walking to help Conor understand that he should not feel guilty for wanting his mother to die, because he was merely wishing for the end of pain. The monster is an ancient beast that has it’s own moral  code and like to take justice into it’s own hands. For more on these characters, you can read more here.


The monster and Conor


In case you were wondering, the above picture is from The Babadook.